Elite Vertical Blinds

As an energy-saving measure, homes are often aligned with windows that bring in natural light, rather than relying solely on artificial lighting that drives up electric bills. Larger windows are being built to allow light to stream deeper into the home. One way to manage the light source, which changes in intensity throughout the work day, is to install vertical blinds that are particularly effective as a window treatment for large windows and glass doors. They can be adjusted to let in full or partial light, and are available in a variety of colors and materials to complement office décor.

Woven Wood Sliding Panels

Woven Wood Sliding Panels are an energy-efficient, eco-friendly, and fashionable way to decorate large walls of glass or sliding glass doors. They’re always a conversation piece, because they’re quite striking, and not many people are familiar with them. What people love about woven woods shades, they also love about the Sliding Panels. They’re crafted from bamboo, sisal, rattan, reeds, grasses, and wood, and give the room that natural, modern feel. Light will filter in when they’re closed, but damaging UV rays will be locked out.

Solid Fabric Sliding Panels

Solid Fabric Sliding Panels are attractive and easy to use and install. They’re available in light filtering and room darkening fabrics, so you have a lot of flexibility when it comes to the fabric and color you choose. They instantly cool the room down by blocking UV rays and direct Spring/Summer sun. If you choose a light filtering fabric, you’ll still allow light to shine through while preventing glare on televisions and computer monitors.